Meditation is a path to meet your true self.

Heather Ashley Peterson is a modern-day meditation and yoga teacher. She founded Meditate Movement as a way to inspire people to live authentic and mindful lives. Heather uses Meditate Movement as a platform to explore, experience and share her spiritual lessons, while offering lifestyle recommendations for elevating the mind, body and soul. While living in Hawaii, Heather created an Instagram account as a passion project to share her personal journey and fully explore meditation as a path to reaching a higher state of awareness. Her mission is to raise human consciousness through the practice of meditation and mindful living. 

Heather earned her meditation certification at the Chopra Center for Well-being in 2019 and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification at LifePower in 2012. She integrates meditation, yoga and energy work to create an all-inclusive experience for her clients. She has studied and worked with numerous teachers and experts in the health and wellness industry over the past eight years. Heather currently lives in Los Angeles, California.