About Heather Ashley

Heather Ashley Peterson is a modern-day guide in meditation, yoga and chakra balancing. She is the founder of Meditate Movement, which is an online platform inspiring humans to live an authentic, mindful and holistic life. Her mission is to help humankind by promoting elevated consciousness. Her goal with Meditate Movement is to explore, experience and share her spiritual lessons and lifestyle recommendations on a mind, body and spirit level.

She is a Phoenix native, born and raised in Arizona. From an early age, she exhibited an inquisitive approach to life. She began practicing yoga in high school to cultivate a deeper mind, body and soul connection. She was searching for a way to connect with herself due to the amount of anxiety she was facing after her parents’ divorce and just dealing with the struggles of young adolescence. Yoga gave her a tremendous amount of mental clarity and peace, it quickly became a part of her daily life. While earning a degree in Marketing at Arizona State University, she spent a semester in Barcelona studying International Business. Traveling through Europe ignited her desire to explore new cultures and deepen her spiritual quest. After graduating, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training at LifePower in Scottsdale, AZ under Jenn Chiarelli and John Salisbury.

After fully comprehending that yoga is designed to facilitate meditation, she transformed her practice and philosophy, which led her to the island of Oahu for a fresh perspective and change of pace. While in Hawaii, she immersed herself in meditation and spiritual self-discovery. She worked as a hiking guide and spent time on the Ko'olau Mountain Range connecting with herself and nature.

Due to her year of in-depth self-study, along with studying the Yoga Sutras as a guide, she realized Yoga is a way of life not just the physical postures we know it to be. So, she then followed her intuition and moved to San Diego. She accepted a position at the Chopra Center, where she was able to dive into the Vedic teachings of meditation and take her practice and knowledge one step further by learning from some of the greatest teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Roger Gabriel and Brent Becvar.

Heather taught daily meditation to the Chopra Center staff, which led her to receive her meditation certification through the Chopra Center. She also worked with many energy workers throughout her experience and has also created her own regimen for chakra balancing, clearing and activating. These treatments incorporate pranic healing techniques and teachings she learned from Master Co.

She believes in taking a vulnerable and authentic approach to her services and offerings. She empowers her clients to embrace their true selves by helping them remove the barriers that block them from discovering their true self. She offers a fresh and authentic perspective, while honoring the traditional foundation of these ancient teachings with a practical 21st century application.

The spiritual path is the work of a lifetime. It’s simple, but definitely not easy . Your soul’s mission is the way to experience pure freedom and true fulfillment.
— Heather Ashley