Best Yoga Studios in North County San Diego

  1. Soul of Yoga

    This is the OG studio of north county. When you walk into the studio, it immediately feels like you are home. The classes are not heated, which requires you to use your breath a little more to get that yoga GLOW. The teachers are all so unique, you never really know what you are going to get. I like how the have the different level classes, they 2/3 and 3/4 levels are advanced, so be prepared to learn a new pose you’ve never heard of, or at least practice an inversion you’re not too familiar with. The crowd is definitely more mature, but remember some of these older folks, especially in Encinitas have been doing yoga for 20+ years.

  2. Yoga Tropics

    This is the studio to practice at if you want to be seen, they definitely have the most attractive people practicing here and always super packed (you’re practicing mat-to-mat most of the time.) The studio could definitely be a little cleaner, the upkeep isn’t as well maintained. The vibe is a very trendy yoga studio, super local and it takes them a minute to warm up to, so don’t take offense if you don’t get the most welcoming vibe in the beginning. They take their time to get to know you because they are protective of their community. So Very Ohana of them. Also, after class check out the Soulscape Bookstore across the street.

  3. Black Sheep

    This place is super laid back, it’s like hanging out with that friend who doesn’t give off any judgmental vibes, you can tell them anything and feel very comfortable. There is just one studio room, which makes it feel very intimate. They include live music, crystal bowls, restorative, ashtanga, and much more. It’s perfect for like a Saturday or Sunday morning, because the studio is placed on the cutest strip in Oceanside. There is an amazing coffee shop called, Revolution Roasters and a super fun and funky thrift shop called Captain Helm’s.

  4. Gather

  5. Trilogy

    This place is literally AMAZING! It has it all. They have a killer cafe, the coolest little gift shop, an outdoor eating area, multiple studio rooms, aerial yoga, and poetry slams. Super groovy vibe you won’t want to miss out on. Such good energy. Check out my friend Scoop, @yoga_scoop. He teaches at this studio. He was the very first yoga teacher I took when I moved to Hawaii and it was just me and him in a class. So, it was a private!

  6. Mantra - Q