Meditation Techniques

The vast diversity of minds and personalities presents a unique challenge when selecting the best type of meditation. We'd like to share our favorite techniques, hopefully some will speak to you.


Breath Meditation

Conscious breathing seems simple, however, many people don’t actually receive the proper amount of oxygen. After oxygen reaches the lungs, it passes into the blood vessels and is then carried to all the cells in the body. Shallow chest breathing produces oxygen deficiencies. Breathing techniques can calm, clear and rejuvenate your mind.


Movement Meditation

A moving practice that requires focus to create stillness in the mind. When you perform an activity, such as yoga, surfing or running, you act from a place of acute mental awareness. This type of meditation creates a state of complete absorption in your action. 

Concentration Meditation

This technique is commonly referred to as single or one-pointed focus. Deep concentration is achieved through intensely focusing attention on one object without interruption. Through repetition you develop control over your mind, this empowerment enables you to change the direction of your thoughts. 

Mindfulness Meditation

This practice originated from Buddha’s teachings. Mindfulness meditation is essentially the opposite of concentration meditation. During mindfulness meditation you allow for thoughts to naturally flow in and out of your mind, with no specific focus. You become an external observer of your thoughts. You are aware, in the present moment and unattached.

Mantra Meditation

A mantra is a word, phrase or sound that is repeated over and over again, as a tool to transcend thought. When repeating a mantra, you naturally begin to eliminate any internal or external stimuli. You do not contemplate the meaning of the mantra, you focus on the repetition of the word, phrase or sound. 


Sound Meditation

Sound is a wavelength vibration and the waves significantly affect the brain. Therefore, sound meditation can effectively clear and heal the mind. This is a relaxed awareness, without any concentration. If you concentrate too hard, you will limit the meditative effectiveness.