Improve humankind by promoting elevated consciousness through meditation.

 Our Story


Heather’s spirit for adventure led her to the island of O’ahu during the summer of 2014. This is where she met Gabby, the two knew each from their yoga studio in Phoenix, but had never spent any time together. After connecting in Hawaii they instantly bonded. They soon realized each meditated daily and felt passionate about spreading the benefits derived from meditation.

To begin the process and dream of sharing their love of meditation, Gabby and Heather opened an Instagram account, Meditate Movement. They gained some immediate traction in the local community and lululemon athletica Ala Moana invited them to host an event to share the benefits of meditating. This was the beginning of the movement and how it all started. 

Meditate Movement continues to explore, experience and share different types of meditation to gain both insight and an elevated understanding of the mind. Each day they renew their dedication to using meditation as a tool for clearing negative thoughts, learning about their conscious power and embracing life to the fullest.